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Momentum Repeats as BBB Winner of Distinction.

For the second straight year, Momentum - the nation’s premier auto and freight transport provider - has earned the Better Business Bureau’s coveted Winner of Distinction award.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Car Transport Service

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Q: What is door-to-door transport?

A: With door-to-door transport, you don't have to go to a terminal to ship your vehicle or accept delivery. Nations Transport will pick up your vehicles at your residence, office or any other place you designate. (Pickup and delivery is subject to accessibility and local laws.) Get started...

Q: What types of payment does Nations Transport accept?

A: You may pay by submitting your MasterCard, Visa Card or American Express Card number before pickup. Get started...

Q: Will it cost me a lot of money to ship my car?

A: More and more people every month are deciding to use us as their car carriers as opposed to driving their car themselves. If you calculate the costs of gas, food, sleeping accommodations and the time spent planning and actually making a long distance move, you will see that car transporting with Nations Transport is less costly and far more efficient. Get started on finding out your car shipping cost...

Q: How do I get an auto transport quote?

A: To get a quote for your car move, call 1.866.309.7700 or submit your information online.

Q: How do I book a shipment to transport a car, or start an automobile transport?

A: Call 1.866.309.7700 to schedule your shipment or start a transport right here at Nations Transport. Get started...

Q: Can I specify a pickup and delivery date?

A: Generally, we require a three-day window for pickups and deliveries. For a fee, Nations Transport offers date-specific pickup and delivery. Get started...

Q: How long will auto delivery take?

A: Dispatch times vary depending on origin and destination locations. For an accurate transit time quote for your cars shipping, please call 1.866.309.7700. It is important to remember that drivers are limited by law to a specific number of miles and hours per day. Other variables that may affect transit times include deliveries along the way, severe weather and road conditions. Get started...

Q: What is the process if there is damage to my vehicle upon delivery?

A: Please call the offices of Nations Transport immediately. In most cases, we have only 30 days to file a claim and if not reported to us within 30 days we cannot offer assistance or be held responsible for any damage that might have occurred.

Additionally, you must clearly indicate any resulting damage that occurred during transport on the "Bill of Lading" or delivery receipt issued by the driver at the time of delivery.

Q: Can I pack personal items in my car?

A: This practice is discouraged. Additional items may shift during transit, damaging the vehicle's interior. Nations Transport is not liable for any damage caused by additional items during transit. Additional contents may also block the driver's view when loading your vehicle or add additional weight to the vehicle. Get started...

Q: Does Nations Transport ship inoperable or unusual vehicles, motorcycles and extra parts?

A: Yes. Nations Transport regularly offers motorcycle transport and ships inoperable vehicles. In fact, we specialize in automotive shipping of unusual vehicles, including specialty, classic and exotic car transport. Inoperable vehicles must have the ability to roll, brake and steer and can be shipped for an additional fee of $100. Extra parts are accepted on a case-by-case basis, and an additional fee may apply. Get started...

Q: How can I track my shipment or get a shipment update?

A: When shipping a vehicle with Nations Transport, you can keep track of your shipment or get an update on your vehicle's status by calling 1.866.309.7700 or contact us. Get started...

Q: What kind of truck will be used to ship my car?

A: With Nations Transport as your car transporter, your vehicle will travel either on an open auto carrier, like the trucks you see transporting cars to and from auto dealerships, or on an enclosed car hauler, which we recommend if you're shipping a custom or exotic car or truck. Get started...

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Shipping a car with Nations Transport saves you on gas expenses, and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. This makes Nations Transport the smart & economical alternative. Learn More...

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