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Momentum Repeats as BBB Winner of Distinction.

For the second straight year, Momentum - the nation’s premier auto and freight transport provider - has earned the Better Business Bureau’s coveted Winner of Distinction award.

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It’s summertime at last, and that means vacation time for many Americans. This year, a lot of folks, are choosing a driving vacation to save money. We’ll pack up the car, pile in with the kids, and cruise the highway to a place just far enough away to count as a vacation destination but not so far away that we’ll regret going in the first place. Anyone with kids knows that driving for extreme distances without interruption should be avoided at all costs.

While you’re out on the interstate, you’ll notice car haulers driving across country loaded with vehicles. These are the auto transport professionals who drive to earn a living, and they are the people to turn to when the last thing you want to do is drive your car a long distance. Typically, car haulers are used in vehicle transport situations such as corporate relocations, military transfers, automotive dealer deliveries, and fleet sales.

The average consumer may also have a reason to need auto shipping. Car haulers may be enlisted to bring home a car purchased through an internet auction, transport a classic car to and from a car show, or move a teenager’s wheels to his college campus across country.

Using a car transport service takes the burden of driving off of you, but it also ensures that your vehicle will be protected while making the trip. But be sure to employ dependable auto shippers who have the highest Better Business Bureau rating, like Nations Transport, the nation’s premier auto transport company.


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