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Momentum Repeats as BBB Winner of Distinction.

For the second straight year, Momentum - the nation’s premier auto and freight transport provider - has earned the Better Business Bureau’s coveted Winner of Distinction award.

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When determining the cost of auto car transport, vehicle shippers will need to know certain information from you about your car hauling requirements. Car shipping prices depend on many variables, and each auto transport is unique.

One of the first things to consider in establishing car shipping prices is the distance of the auto transport. For long distance car hauling, vehicle shippers factor in a per mile rate which will fluctuate over time and as fuel prices change. The time of year may also impact the cost of auto car transport due to factors such as weather conditions and supply and demand.

Another factor in the cost to ship cars is the type of vehicle being shipped. Most car hauling rigs are equipped to carry standard size vehicles, such as sedans. Car shipping prices are somewhat higher for oversized or immobile vehicles that require a different type of car carrier. For high-end vehicles and classic cars, vehicle shippers usually recommend enclosed vehicle transport. This type of car hauling will add extra expense, although owners usually choose to have the extra protection for their valuable asset.

Finally, if you request expedited delivery or express auto transport, you can expect to pay a premium.

While you may think first about car shipping prices, remember that cost is only one consideration before you entrust your valuable asset to a car transport service. You should also determine whether you are using dependable auto shippers with a solid reputation.

At Nations Transport, the nation’s premier auto transport provider, we pride ourselves on giving our customers hassle-free auto car transport at competitive prices. Our attention to service has earned us an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.




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